Monica's experience with Andrea and Zumba® Fitness

Submitted by: Andrea Riggs

Monica's Success Story

Dearest Andrea,

I have to express my sincerest gratitude for your amazing talents and your willingness to share and uplift others with them!!!

My story is probably only unique to me, but I would love to share it with you as a small token of my gratitude for you and how much you’ve helped me!!!

As far back as I can remember I have always been obese. Even as a child, I had a weight problem. I was an athlete and active, and regret very little growing up, but I was never a little girl, nor did I really understand what I was doing to myself. I honestly had very little to complain about in life. I never let my weight stop me from accomplishing what I wanted, but as I got older I got heavier and heavier and was miserable. A little over a year ago I was at my lowest self-esteem and my highest weight ever. I was depressed, ornery, emotional, lonely and just not the happy person I knew I should’ve been. I hit my breaking point the day a young boy I was teaching made my weight the punch line of a joke he told. I knew I had to make some changes, but didn’t know where to start as everything else I had tried I had failed at. That is until a friend told me about ZUMBA at The Warehouse, and encouraged me to try it out. At first I was terrified because I thought there was no way that I could keep up (let alone make my body move like that), and it was several weeks before I finally agreed to try it out. That first time, about a year ago, was the turning point for the rest of my life; I was hooked and had ZUMBA fever in the worst (and best) way. With the help of ZUMBA three to four times a week, Andrea’s amazing energy, unconditional acceptance, and encouragement, I have lost almost 90 lbs. thus far. I have tears of joy in my eyes as I write that I am at my lowest weight ever and have never felt so good about myself, my health, and my life in general. I have never felt as beautiful, sexy, or confident as I do right now. I’ve fallen in love, gone back to school, and am graduating next month. You gave me the courage to fight for my life, and for that I am forever blessed and grateful!! Thank you Andrea and ZUMBA for everything!!!!

With MUCH love,
Monica Boyle


Monica Before


Monica After