Momma Got Her Body Back!

Submitted by: April Holtmeyer

Kim's Success Story

How Many Children: 1 daughter, 14 months

Weight Gain during pregnancy: 55 pounds

Weight Loss to Date: 45 pounds

I can do many full push-ups in a row, have a stronger core, and can tolerate wall-sits for a longer amount of time. My stamina and strength has increased so much from Body Back and Stroller Strides workouts.

I've had to overcome a difficult recovery from my c-section. I had daily wound care at my home for 2 1/2 months following my daughter's birth. This greatly impacted my ability to workout and put a freeze on my weight loss immediately after delivering. It was very difficult to start working out again at such a high weight. I wasn't used to my body at that size and was very uncomfortable working out at my gym. Thankfully, I had time after my daughter's birth to dedicate to working out. I had taken 10 1/2 months off from work as a long maternity leave. My daughter was very fussy during the Stroller workouts for various reasons, so I would workout with her in my arms or in a baby carrier quite often. It limited some of the movements I could do, but I was determined to stick with the workout and attend to her as best I could. Eventually, she was better with the hour long workouts.

I made Stroller Strides on a regular basis by making it part of my daily routine. I made plans for the afternoon, rather than the morning time. My morning workouts were my "me" time and were sacred. I also looked forward to the playgroups immediately after class and loved to chit chat with moms after class. It is a great forum to share tips on parenting and share stories.

I have never been late to class and have always made it a point to be early. I love the before class interactions with other members and it's a great way to get my daughter ready and rearin' to go when class starts. I can attend to her before instruction begins and get caught up with the other moms. I have sacrificed sleep so that I am packed and ready on time to leave the house and make it to class.


Kim Before


Kim After