Submitted by: Felipe Aceituno

Christine Beltz's Success Story

Felipe Aceituno worked with my daughter as her personal trainer at Puravida Fitness for about 2 1/2 months. My daughter has a weak right side from two strokes. After working with Felipe my daughter was noticeably stronger. In fact, her Courage Center ski instructor commented that the training definitely seemed to be helping with her core-strength, turns and ultimately her confidence skiing. Felipe had a good sense of my daughter's limitations, how much to push and when to pull back. I could tell he worked hard to give her a good work out. He is also just a nice person; fun, sociable and has a positive attitude. If my daughter was digging in her heels about doing something he thought she was ready for, he'd tease her a little bit, get her laughing and more likely than not, she'd decide to try the skill after all. Both my daughter and I were very happy with Felipe's work as her trainer.”
Karen Beltz