Miracles Happen in 5 Days!

Submitted by: Mel Cowen

Iris's Success Story

Hola Mel...so here's our 1 week update...when I weighed myself I've lost 6 lbs and my Hubby went from 233 to 224...His blood sugar has been running under 120 before and after meals which is a NEVER! We had one cheat day (yesterday) n felt aweful...NOT WORTH IT!! We been feeling much better physically, my stomach hasn't bother me as it normally does and the fact that you created a meal plan for 4 and each meal has been tasty and was seriously GENIUS! And being being that my kids are enjoying it also makes me love you even more!!

Although this plan was only 5 days, thank u soooo much for getting us started in showing us healthier but tasty options!!!