Train for Longevity

Submitted by: Marilyn Gansel

Ed Bouillane's Success Story

“Dr. Marilyn at "Fitness Matters" really gets it! If you are looking to lose weight and / or just improve your overall health and "Train for Longevity," then Fitness Matters in Kent, CT is your one stop shop. Losing weight isn't about having a meal delivered to your door, or outsourcing your health to a high priced supplement. Dr. Marilyn shows us that a holistic approach to good health is the only sensible approach. Focusing on mind, body and spirit, Dr. Marilyn will help you find that healthy, energetic, wholesome lifestyle we were all created to live. Even if you have to overcome an injury, or many years of neglect, Dr. Marilyn can show you the path, to not only a long life, but "Quality of Life." Ed Boullianne, Author "You Can't Outsource Weight Loss."” August 15, 2011