Military Doctor

Submitted by: Eric Whiteside

Derric's Success Story

I have been training with LMN BodySculpt for over 3 years and I must say, he really knows the human body. Being a medical doctor practicing general medicine in the USAF, I was apprehensive at first because I have had trainers that pretended to knew what they were doing, but really didn't. I first started with a free consult and he explained the OPT model that he utilizes through NASM. Then we did a profile, which was almost as detailed of a physical that I would give my patients. During the overhead squat assessment, he identified several muscle imbalances and explain the causes and long term effects if these were not corrected. This trainer really blew me away. His comprehension of A & P and Kinesiology made it easy for me trust him and know that I was in good hands. If given the chance, I highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking a professional trainer that knows the human body, makes working out fun, and can teach proper techniques while training. Because of his diverse and detailed background toppled with his education, he is the right person for the job. Many people claim they can train, but when one can back up the exercises with scientific rationale, I'm sold. But don't take my word for it. Visit his website, give him a call, or meet him in person and make your own decision. That is what I did and I have no regrets.