Middle Age Couple Lose Weight Together

Submitted by: Maria Faires

Diana's Success Story

When I first came to Maria, I'd already been exercising regularly and eating fairly well for most of my adult life, but I never saw any change whatsoever in my body shape. When I hit menopause, I started packing on the pounds around my waist and hips. It was as though I was programmed to gain weight in those areas, no matter what I did.

Frustrated, I decided to try Maria for 10 combination sessions in both nutrition and exercise. During this time, I lost nearly 4 percent of my body fat, and--incredibly-- two pant sizes! My thighs, butt and tummy are quite noticeably thinner. I feel inspired now to look better and be healthier at 50 than I was at 35, and I know I can do it.

I achieved this without even increasing my total work-out time, or really changing my diet that much. I learned that I was doing the weight-lifting wrong for all those years, and was never doing my cardio at a high enough intensity. I was just wasting my time. Also, I learned that I needed to eat more often so that I wouldn't be tempted to scarf down any old thing out of extreme hunger.

Maria is just the right combination of Sympathy and Nazi. She has a certain quality that makes you feel you shouldn't disappoint her, and that's a great quality for a personal trainer. She has now helped my husband lose 15 pounds, and he's a guy who HATES exercise and eating right. He wouldn't listen to me for 22 years, but he listens to Maria! I would recommend her to anyone. -- Diana W.