Michelle's Success Story


Goodness, I am not sure where to begin! I used to be overweight and very unhappy with my life. I can remember waking every morning just wanting to go back to bed so I did not have to look in the mirror. I struggled with my eating habits and I just didn’t care. If I was sad I would eat, if I was upset or mad I went to the frig. I started to notice that I was eating for two people instead of one. I hated people taking my pictures or going shopping. I tried to hide underneath baggy sweatshirts. I was the type of person that every new year I was going to say this is the year I am going to go on a "diet". I remember one year that my Dad, Stepmom, and I went on Atkins. I actually started to feel great! I lost weight I was exercising but then that just stopped and I put my weight back on plus lots more. I went back to feeling miserable and starting to hate myself again. About a year and half ago I finally hit rock bottom. I worked with Ty and we would discuss
this program called bootcamp. Every time I worked with Ty he would tell me how much I needed to just join and how much it would help me. For those of you that know me I am really shy in a new environment and it was very hard for me to get over that hurdle. Then Jerry the owner of where I worked told me he tried out Ty's Bootcamp and I just needed to go check it out. Finally I just went one Saturday before a new session had begun to see if I was interested in it at all, well let’s just say I am hooked! I can not even to begin to tell you how much that one Saturday turned my life around! I went in feeling very nervous and scared but then I met Christy and knowing Ty helped me out a lot! After we were done with the workout I told myself I was going to die! I have never felt so weak before in my life! I ached for days and was so grateful that we had a week before it started back up. I joined Bootcamp in April 2009 and have not stopped! I can not even begin to tell you in words how thankful I am to Ty and Christy for getting me back on track. These two people are the most wonderful and motivating people you will ever meet. I never thought I would do half the things I have accomplished in the past year and half! I have accomplished many 5K races, 10k races, half marathon, and just recently a triathlon super sprint! I have dropped 10% body fat and 48 pounds! I know I am truly blessed to have Christy and Ty in my life, not only are they my trainers, they are great friends! Thanks to these two amazing people I enjoy shopping again and don’t run away when someone takes out a camera! I wake up every morning thanking God for these two people who have changed my life forever!

I hope this is ok I am horrible with putting my emotions and thoughts on paper!

Have a great day!
Michelle =)