Michaele is amazing

Submitted by: Rebecca Black

Michaele's Success Story

I am very lucky to be surrounded by people who want me to be healthy and who are willing to help me be healthy. I have more support that I have ever had in my whole life and that makes a huge difference. I am not climbing up this mountain alone. One person who has been amazingly influential is Rebecca. Rebecca is a beautiful person, inside and out. She has helped me to work on my diet, given me tons of nutrition tips, helped me to figure out exercise. She even dragged me to the store to buy new tennis shoes because she decided I was worth it, even if at times I still struggle to feel that myself. Rebecca works out with me, even though my fitness level is way below hers, she still goes with me because it helps me to keep on track. She always has a new article, magazine or book for me to look through. While she is supportive, she lets me make my own choices and figure out how to live my life. Rebecca encourages me not only by what she does for me and with me but by what she does for herself. She is amazing! Here’s the other thing I haven’t mentioned about Rebecca, she is my mentor for a life change, she is my friend and“..she is my boss. yes, my boss. Rebecca understands that happy, healthy people make for happy, healthy employees. In return for me being healthier and for me feeling better I am more productive in my job. That’s a win-win situation. Rebecca is willing to talk to or listen to anyone. She truly wants people to be the best they can be because that is what she strives for in her won life.