Metaqua Low Impact Water Fitness Program

Submitted by: Sally Beresford

Sally Beresford's Success Story

My Metaqua Success Story.
In May 2006 finding myself about to turn 40 and 20kgs overweight, I decided I wanted to lose weight and regain that feeling of being fit again, like I had in my 20’s.
Making that decision was the EASY part, finding some form of exercise that would cope with my injuries I had required over my 30’s was the HARD part.
Loving the water but not liking lap swimming or putting my head under water, I decided to purchase a pair of fins and a kickboard and kick up and down the local pool. After the first lap I realized that this was going to be the suitable exercise I needed.
Over the following months I work out by sectioning my body up, I could always find an available part to work on. The” LASS”, Legs, Arms, Side & Stomach. And could use my kickboard to add resist as I got stronger.
I had also read that by just giving up bread and looking at my diet and exercise program over a fortnight not over a week that a good steady weight loss would follow.
They were right, 10months later I had shed the 20kg and was looking and feeling fitter then I had ever felt being a gym junkie.
Friends then started to ask how I had achieved this and wanted to learn my program.
To my delight they all loved it and where achieving great results.
I then embarked on naming the program Metaqua increasing your metabolism in the water.
Wanting then to produce Metaqua level one into a DVD, but not wanting to use myself to demonstrate the program, I had myself drawn in cartoon form.”Metaqua Sal”. We then used Metaqua Sal to produce an animated DVD.
Over the past 3 years I have personally taught hundreds of people, and am yet to find anyone that has not benefited from Metaqua in someway.
The Metaqua program has been accredited with the “Live Life Well” program and is gaining fantastic results with all ages and fitness level, Weight loss, Lower sugar levels, Depression, injured joints, Pre & Post Orthopaedic Surgery,Lapband Surgery, Arthritis, MS..
I know first hand what its like to loss your way in health .It’s hard for me to describe how grateful it makes me feel being able to share what has changed my life with others.
I would very much appreciate it if you would consider covering my story in aid of helping others.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
All the Best


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Sally Beresford After
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