Metabolic Boost camp (Boot Camp)

Submitted by: Robert Quimby

Robyn's Success Story

What Metabolic Boost Camp (Boot Camp)
Has done for me“WOW..!

I recently decided to hit the gym again...Yeah for me it’s the first step on the up and down weight loss Yo-Yo program.
I realized I am 'good' to workout 2-3 days by myself, however I needed something more to challenge myself; I needed to 'step it up' as my husband would say.
I heard about Rob’s Metabolic Boost Camp... (I've used Rob as a personal trainer in the past). He might not be sugary and sweet, but he does know fat loss, how to motivate me, and he gets the job done! As my husband would say... I needed to 'step it up'
Sooo“ I joined Rob's Metabolic Boost Camp“.
What..?? Me in Boot Camp..??
During the first few classes I would find myself going through different mental stages. Initially I was happy I made it out no matter what! Then about 30-35 minutes into the class I’d find myself dis-liking Rob and myself for eating that big fat brownie sundae last week. But now when the class comes to an end and the hour is over, a sense of accomplishment sets in. Don't get me wrong it’s called boot camp for several reasons!
Thank-you Rob for being you-


Robyn Before


Robyn After