Mental and Physical Health

Submitted by: Abby Hamil

Jennifer's Success Story

Back in November 2007 I was introduced to Abby by a friend who recently started training with her. I had just joined Cardinal Fitness with my husband in an attempt to get myself in better shape. Over the years , especially after 30, and after 2 kids I found myself with 15 extra pounds I didn’t want or need. I know that 15 pounds isn’t the end of the world, but for me it was enough to get me down. At only 4’11”, I tend to show pounds a lot quicker. Not only did I not like the way I looked, but I was tired all the time. I had also been suffering from depression and got to the point I really didn’t like myself. Then I started meeting with Abby.

I found Abby to be the perfect fit as a trainer for me. I felt comfortable with her and always motivated. There were many times I didn’t feel like being at the gym, or I felt frustrated not seeing results right away. I, unfortunately didn’t see the benefit in getting fit and committing to it right away. I worked out only once a week with Abby and did not get into the gym very often on my own. Although I had lost some inches working out I was not nearly at my goal yet. Throughout the year I had a few surgeries that set me back. Getting back on the “work-out wagon” was a challenge. But, once I did and began to meet with Abby again I started seeing results. This time I focused on small goals like getting to the gym on my own at least 2 other days a week. I ditched the all or nothing attitude and gave myself credit for what I could get done. I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought to take time for myself. I found that for me scheduling my work out time on my calendar helped me be accountable to myself. I also started keeping a food journal. Now I think about everything I eat and put into my body. In the last 4 months I have been meeting with Abby consistently I have lost those stubborn 15 pounds, dropped my BMI two points and went down 4% in body fat. I am so motivated to keep going and maintaining this new healthy lifestyle. I no longer feel guilty about the hour I spend away from my husband and kids. I know it makes me a better Mom and better wife if I am healthy and happy.

Gradually I began to look forward to my time for me at the gym. Abby was a tremendous motivator for me too. Whenever I am tired or struggling during a work out I can hear her encouraging words in my ear. She never let me get down on myself. Sometimes just being accountable to someone else is that little push you need to do something. It has worked for me and I am so grateful to Abby for her help. I am so proud of myself for getting to my goal. I now can honestly say I love myself, don’t feel depressed and I feel empowered and healthy. What a great example I am setting for my kids, especially my daughter. They love to stretch and workout with me. I hope I am teaching them how to be healthy and happy individuals.

Abby- you have been an inspiration in the way you live. I am blessed to have been your client and consider you a dear friend!

Love- Jennifer