Attained Goal Weight + BMI

Submitted by: Heidi Barajas

Kathy's Success Story

Allow me to introduce Kathy Q. She is a 58-year young female who sought out personal training as an avenue to complement a journey she started to lose weight and become healthy. The impetus that started her journey is a family history of diabetes, a disease that took her Mother’s life at a much too young age. Kathy’s wake-up call came when her blood sugar results from a physical exam returned high.

Kathy started on her own, instituting walking into her daily routine. She began watching portion sizes and cutting out junk food, being especially mindful of her intake of white flour and sugar. When Kathy came to personal training, she had already lost a significant amount of weight on her own. But, she felt she needed a “push” to continue her weight loss and to facilitate improvement in her overall health.

During the first six months of personal training, Kathy achieved a milestone: “I wanted to share with you that I've reached the milestone of 50 lbs. lost!! I was nervous to get on the scale this morning after being on vacation for the past week, but I actually lost 2 lbs.! I want to thank you for all you've done to help me. I still have quite a ways to go to reach my health goals, but this is an exciting milestone. I'm stronger, fitter, and healthier -- many, many thanks!!"

In the next six months, Kathy successfully achieved her weight loss goal that came with a normal BMI. She revealed that she hadn’t been in the normal weight range for three decades! Over the course of 16 months, Kathy lost 90 pounds and her BMI transitioned from an almost-morbidly obese 39 to the normal range of 22.3.

To many, 16-months may seem like a lifetime to work toward this end. However, it is the safest way to achieve health while ensuring a better chance the weight will stay off. Kathy is a success story that comes with much determination, dedication, perseverance, and patience. It didn't happen overnight. Kathy was successful because she had the fortitude to push through what is difficult and push away that which is convenient.

Here are the main methods Kathy employed that made her a success story:
- Sensible eating habits, including a lot of vegetables, fruits, fiber, complex carbs, and lean protein.
- A variety of exercise: cardio, strength, core/balance training almost daily.
- Working with a professional trainer and attending small group exercise classes, which makes exercise fun, and keeps her challenged.
- A lifestyle change that entails moderation but not deprivation.

It has been seven (7) months since Kathy achieved her weight & BMI goals. She continues to exercise daily, watch her food intake, and maintain her goal-weight to within 10 lbs. Congratulations, Kathy!! You are a role model on the method to healthy, successful weight management.


Kathy Before


Kathy After