Melinda - An Overweight Food Addict to Strong, Fit & Beautiful!

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Melinda's Success Story

Through boredom and depression, Melinda developed an eating disorder throughout the years. She had always felt to be a "big" girl even from childhood as she had a tummy and attributed that to being "fat." Rising at nearly 200 pounds, she was ready to give up on herself at the young age of 30. Thankfully, she didn't give up and is now a weight loss success story!

After several years of being disgusted with herself, Melinda decided it was time to make a change. Physically, she was feeling tired, heavy, and had even developed plantar fascitis which is a painful condition caused by inflammation that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot. Due to Melinda's weight issues, this condition worsened the pain in both of her feet which made it difficult to do many daily activities, including certain exercises. On top of that, she felt ugly, embarrassed, and depressed. Therefore, she tried diet pills and starvation diets a few years ago and even became obsessive with her workouts. Though losing 38 pounds from 178 and putting her at 140, she felt as if she was never going to reach her goal of 135. After trying so hard to lose those last five pounds, she got so frustrated and began "binge eating." Binge eating is characterized by gorging large amounts of food in a very short amount of time until the individual feels extremely uncomfortable. Melinda did this on a daily basis, and unfortunately, she gained all her weight back PLUS an additional 17 pounds putting her at 195!

It's All In the Mind... Feeling destined to be fat and addicted to food forever, Melinda nearly gave up again. She felt that she would just fail if she dieted as she had before. But, there was "something" inside of her that didn't want to give up. Wanting desperately to be happy and feel beautiful and sexy again, she changed her way of thinking. This time, she was NOT going to "diet." She had reached that point where enough was enough. Healthy eating and exercise are the keys to healthy living and keeping the weight off, and this was Melinda's lightbulb moment! She realized that taking the next step in being thinner yet healthy was very important in her happiness.

Making the Change... Being five pounds away from 200, Melinda swore to herself that she would never hit that number. Therefore, she cleaned up her act by getting rid of all junk food first. She began eating smaller meals yet more often which helps curb the appetite and boost metabolism. While cutting calories and measuring her foods, she even cut out all processed foods and began eating natural and organic foods rich in nutients. It was definitely a learning curve for Melinda, but she has learned to enjoy healthy foods such as those dreaded veggies. By eating the healthy way, as well as exercising five times per week, Melinda has lost 45 pounds in just 9 short months. She has even gone from a size 18 to a size 10!

Reaching Goals & Having Support... Though Melinda is at a great weight for her height of 5'8" and looks amazing, it is her goal to lose another 10 pounds. At 32 years of age, her ultimate goal is 140 pounds. With her biggest cheerleader being her hubby, she will surely reach her goal in transforming her body, mind, and health. She is now enjoying life and feeling more confident. She doesn't even feel deprived!

A Word From Melinda...

"Trying to lose weight and become a healthier me is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. For me, it is a continuous struggle because I've had to overcome a binge eating disorder which means dealing with my problems in other ways besides diving into food, I still indulge every now and then (such as pizza), but I don't let it throw me too far off course. I will never stay in those old bad habits. That's not who I want to be anymore. I'm starting to like what I see in the mirror now, and I don't want to lose that. I am a strong woman! I rely on my faith in God as well as staying committed and true to self."


Melinda Before


Melinda After