Me a runner?!?! Now I am a Ironman!!

Submitted by: Heike Yates

Jan's Success Story

A couple of months ago, I ran a Half-Marathon. That is something I would never even have dreamed of doing.

I started my running training with Heike a year ago. At first, I could hardly jog for five minutes before I had to stop because I was wheezing - I had been a desk jockey for too long.

But she kept me motivated and increased the training gradually, so I always went to the limits of what I could do, but never went over them. She even put up with my complaining.

When I developed pain in my feet, she diagnosed my running style and then encouraged me to get different shoes - the ones I was wearing weren't right for my gait.
After eight months of hard training and dedication, I participated in the Parks Half-Marathon in Bethesda;
I wasn't very fast, but I finished the entire course!

Now I can look to something new - maybe a Triathlon...already bought a bike!

Here is my update on my progress for 2012!
I finished my first Sprint Triathlon earlier this year and this past weekend my 1st Half Iron man.
Swimming 1.2 miles, biking 60, and running a 1/2 Marathon (13.1. miles) in 6 hours 40 min. (that included a flat tire 1 mile into the bike ride) .
I never thought that I could do it and my next goal ! a Iron Man = double the distance.
Heike helps me with some of the cross training I am encouraged to do i.e. planks, side planks, core work etc and still working on my alignment while running.


Jan Before


Jan After