Submitted by: Tony Bruno

Ann 's Success Story

I initially saw Tony when the range or motion in my knee became greatly reduced. Tony gave me some exercises to do at home and my range of motion was greatly increased. More recently, my right leg/knee would not support me without pain in my knee. I had a bad limp just walking and could not even consider doing my usual activities (i.e. weight lifting, turbo kick, elliptical, etc.) I called my knee doctor to schedule an appointment. Then I remembered Tony. He went to work with his muscle activation techniques. After 1 hour I left with much greater range of motion, greatly reduced pain in my knee and a barely noticeable limp. I have been religiously doing my exercises every day and needless to say, I am greatly relieved that I don’t need surgery and that I have been able to get my life back. Of course, I canceled my doctor’s appointment.