Masters Swimmer

Submitted by: Patrick Jak, MS

Peter's Success Story

Peter was referred to me by Tony Ricci (NY) and is focused and dedicated in everything he does. As a client he is easy because it does not require much energy to motivate him -- he already has it. However, he is extremely analytical and technical as well as well-versed in exercise science. Because of this, he provides many challenges that force me to up my game every time we are together.

Since Peter wanted to focus on breast stroke, we completely broke down the stroke for him from angles of ankles and hips to pull motion of arms. taking underwater video analysis we constructed specific movements he could use to develop strength that would translate to the pool. As a result his times continue to come down.

In addition, implementing speed, agility, and dynamic strength training with jump and plyometrics, his speed off the blocks has improved.

Finally, Peter has become a bit of a guinea pig in his own desire to go on a ketogenic diet. A physician, he is able to monitor his blood values as well as ketones and glucose levels. We include all of these tests as well as lactate testing on a regular basis and have been able to push his intensity output to extremely high levels -- as a result discovering new functionality of the body on specific diet changes.