Markus helped change my life!

Submitted by: Markus Zimmerman

Maria's Success Story

Thanks to my friend Markus ‘Zman’ Zimmerman for introducing me to Shakeology and Team Beachbody 4 months ago, I have lost 16lbs and 2 pant sizes“AND I’m STILL losing!! The best part of this journey is my new found love for MY health. As a busy mom and wife, all my attention usually goes to the family instead of my health and that took a toll last Summer when I started having chest pains. Turns out DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) runs in my family and with my added weight and lack of exercise I was VERY susceptible to blood clots. Now I work out at least 5 days a week in the comfort of my home, enjoy the most delicious HEALTHY breakfast ever Shakeology and will adventure further into the benefits of being a Team Beachbody coach by sharing my success story with others and help them achieve their goals. Thank you Markus for guiding me to LIVE and LEAD a healthy LIFE!!