Marisa's Story

Submitted by: Jennifer Lynch

Marisa-Lee's Success Story

I had reverse body dysmorphic disorder where I thought I would always look as good as I did when I was 17. (HA!) In reality, I was about to turn 30 and one morning it hit me while looking in the mirror. Areas were starting to bulge and jiggle, my normally roundish face was fully pumpkin and I realized... I will never look better than I do right now, unless I do something about it. Ironically, within 2 weeks, fate brought me to Jenn.

I had always considered myself in decent shape considering I was never over weight and I would walk a lot not owning a car. Well, except that I would rather grab a bag of potato chips and dip along with a six pack for dinner almost every night. Add to that I was a heavy smoker. Boy did I have it all wrong. No wonder I only felt 50% everyday.

I have been a Game Changer now for one year May 15th and I could not say that with any more pride. I have completely quit a 15 year smoking habit, I can run 3-6 miles with a smile on my face, I can climb a 30” rope and I have completely changed my diet to eating clean. None of this would have been possible without Jenn pushing me everyday! Albeit sometimes I really want to slack off after a long day at work, but Jenn will be my conscious to get my butt to class and then... she will make me use the heavy weights... and now I can do 10 handstand pushups. I have only lost a few pounds however I have transformed more pounds into muscle and dropped to 19% body fat.

I feel 100% everyday and it’s AWESOME. I am changing my life for Game Changer Fitness and I know Jennifer Lynch will not let me down.


Marisa-Lee Before


Marisa-Lee After