Marie never thought it was possible:

Submitted by: Eugene Neal

Marie's Success Story

As a 28 year old mother of two, I have been through a lot. I come from a hard working family, but sometimes hard work just isn’t enough. After I gained 40 pounds I wasn’t able to fit into any of my clothes! I was de-motivated and depressed. I turned to food as my comfort, and I gained more weight; thus getting more depressed. I would break into tears every time I had to find something to wear. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and it felt impossible. Finally, my father (who I love and respect very much) told me that I needed to lose weight. At that moment I put my foot down and made a commitment to make a change. 4 months later I competed in the San Diego Border States Bikini Competition. To all you mothers out there who feel like I did; It is possible to change your life if you just set some goals, and jump in with both feet.


Marie Before


Marie After