Marian's Story

Submitted by: Alicia Bell

Marian J's Success Story

“I have been training with Alicia for over a year now. I love the workout sessions as Alicia really knows how to keep me motivated and on track to achieving my goals. She is very experienced in the industry and comes with a wealth of knowledge in helping you to shape your body and improve your overall health. Alicia is a great instructor and demonstrates each exercise to me and explains the right way to perform the moves to ensure that each routine is executed safely, yet still achieving maximum results. Alicia is flexible in rearranging our training days to always makes time to adjust to my very busy schedule to ensure that I am still able to train my desired times/days per week. In addition, Alicia makes the routines fun and challenging at the same time. Somedays we workout in a gym, other days the workouts are outdoors to take advantage of the sunny weather. I love the change in scenery and exploring new, creative ways to workout.
The best part about our workouts is seeing my results. I have really noticed a change in my body and the new strength of my muscles. I am now more toned, stronger and have better endurance because of our training sessions.

Thanks Alicia for your continuous support in driving me to achieve my goals and improve my overall health. My body loves you for it!

Marian J”