MA's Skinny Jeans are Too Big!

Submitted by: Emily Hildreth

MA's Success Story

MA is an architect and a photographer, and a friend of mine. Since her wedding day, almost 7 years ago, she put on more and more pounds. Married life proved to be a more sedentary life with too much good food and good drinks until things caught up with her. She had enough with her current physical state and decided to make a change.
MA dove in head first to my 6 week program. After only a week she felt that she was regaining her fitness and health!
MA went from a size 10 to a >6! Looks like someone is going to be buying new skinny jeans! The best part? Knowing that MA is continuing with this new lifestyle change.
I made sure to change things up on a daily basis for Margaretanne so she wouldn't get bored. Also, I was able to tell that she had a lot more potential than she thought she had. So I pushed her outside of her comfort zone.

A Facebook Testimonial from MA

" I have been getting so- many questions about my personal trainer that I thought it is the perfect time to comment on her page to answer many of the questions I have been asked...

I approached Emily to be my trainer as she is friend of mine and I have always admired her drive and determination (especially how well she did during and after pregnancy.)
I believe she originally started her training career as a 'Boot Camp' instructor which is right up my ally and she has progressed through training, workshops and certifications. Working with her 1 on 1 rather than going to some other group class was extremely beneficial. (all eyes on me and no room for cheating)
I absolutely love her style of training and she has helped me immensely to realize proper diet/nutrition. She is always very positive and encouraging. I am so amazed with my own progress over the last six weeks!

Hips = (-2")
Waist = (-1")
Chest = (-2")
Shldrs= (-1")
Quads= (-.5")
Biceps= (-.75")

Body Fat % lost = 7%

Emily uses a lot of muscle confusion techniques and (until all the snow) we did most of our workouts outdoors (which I loved). She also showed me so some great ways to workout at my own house.

I can HIGHLY recommended her and I would be more than happy to answer any questions from potential new clients!


MA Before


MA After