Marathon Training

Submitted by: Laurie Lasseter

Walter's Success Story

In October 2010, I decided that I wanted to run in a marathon. I was a 48 year old police officer in reasonable fitness doing some light workouts and running about one and one half miles five times a week. I was eating somewhat healthy but it still included some fast foods and pretty much whatever I wanted to eat. I did have some prior injuries that included having a foot being run over many years ago, and injuries in 2006 for a snowmobile crash that included a separated shoulder, broken radius and ulna bones in my arm that needed to be plated and put back together. I had also previously injured my shin on my left leg pretty seriously.
In October 2010, I met Laurie Lasseter. I learned that she was a well versed runner who had completed many marathons including Boston, New York, Chicago and many others. I told her that I would like to run in a marathon one day. The first thing she did was to determine my weaknesses and begin a program to strengthen those areas. She next focused on hydration and food choices. She went over what I was eating and drinking and gave suggestions for healthier alternatives. Next was a schedule of running and muscular strength and flexibility training. We met four times a week – she built a varied running program that included short runs, longer runs with hill/ramp training for strength and speed, outdoor trail running as well as stair cross training. Within five months I watched my fitness level get better and better. In February of 2011 I completed the Hustle up the Hancock which was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
In the summer of 2011 I was feeling good and pretty bold. As I was running way too fast one day and not following Laurie’s program I felt something tear in my ankle (it hurt). I called her and told her what had happened and she knew exactly what I had done. This was only a month away from my first Half-Marathon and I was thinking I was done. She knew exactly what to do and switched my program to include strengthening and stretching exercises and low impact training for the next few weeks, after that adding some short runs. I went on to complete that half marathon pain-free. Training then continued with longer runs, continued muscle strength and endurance training and more nutrition tips. In 2011 I went on to complete the Chicago Marathon in 4:48 on a warm fall day.
I continue to train very hard with Laurie on hills, ramps, outdoor trail runners and indoor runs. I have since completed a second Chicago Marathon and I am currently training with Laurie for a 3rd marathon. Laurie is always adding new thing to the program to strengthen and balance my body and make it healthier and fitter. She knows how to address your needs when something begins to hurt and correct it before it becomes an issue.
Laurie practices what she teaches and can do everything she asks you to do. You should be straight-forward with her and tell her exactly what starts to hurt or bother you and she will adjust your program to correct it and will get you in condition for the race.


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