Mara Drops 15lbs Healthily Over 3 Months

Submitted by: Mike Kneuer

Mara's Success Story

"Getting into a steady and efficient workout routine can be difficult. Working out on a regular basis is important for both your physical and emotional health- however, it is only meaningful when it is done effectively. Although spending 30 minutes on a cardio machine is beneficial, it is not enough for the growth and toning of your muscles. The best way to work out effectively to your body's full potential is to work out with a personal trainer. A certified personal trainer offers the necessary guidance you need to ensure your workout performance is challenging every part of your body properly- so you may see the positive results you wish to see. Though, personal training should involve more than somebody merely counting the reps while babysitting your workouts. A trainer with a true passion for helping people achieve healthier lifestyles is what makes the difference between training and personal training. Mike is a personal trainer with a true passion for helping people work hard to achieve healthier lifestyles. Mike utilizes your time together to coach you through an array of various exercises, teaching you how to use your body to perform effective and efficient exercises that challenge your muscles. He arranges the workouts in groups of rotating exercises in order to promote diversity in your workouts to avoid plateauing. This ensures that your muscles (and you) never get bored with the same old routines. Every time you meet for a new session, he has creative and new exercises that keep you interested and challenged while you work out. Our sessions alternate from lower body and back/abs on certain days to upper body and arms on others- so we're always isolating specific muscles and working them to their full potential. He teaches you the correct forms as well as many different creative ways to work out the same desired muscles and specific parts of the body, and does so in ways that enable you to work out by yourself at home, while not in a gym setting. He teaches you how to use your body to effectively workout target muscles so you may perform countless everyday workouts at home without the need of gym machines. Contrarily, while in a gym setting, he teaches you the rotations you should do while you're there. He creates lists of activities to do and machines to use so you're never confused or wasting your time at the gym. By following his system of exercises, you can be sure that you're using your time there to get a full body workout and not just a bear minimum cardio workout like some people make the mistake of doing. He always has new and fresh ideas for you to use gym equipment in creative ways you probably hadn't known about. In addition to his knowledge in exercise science, Mike is also highly qualified to offer nutritional guidance. Mike took the time to create a food log for me, in which he reviewed everything I ate and drank over the course of a week. He then offered healthier alternatives in order to make my everyday diet even healthier and beneficial without making any major changes to my everyday meals. He suggests creative and simple meals and snacks that are both healthy and tasty, to ensure that you're getting all of the nutrients you need- and limiting the ones that are only needed in small amounts. Mike offers more than just training. He makes it personal by always being there to offer advice and guidance. On days when I don't have sessions, I work out at the gym with a list of workouts that Mike comprised for me. If I have questions about certain workouts, machines, correct forms- he is always very reachable and responsive. Whenever I have nutritional questions, he always answers with healthy meal suggestions, information about certain vitamins and supplements, and much more! Mike's true passion for health and fitness along with his personable, positive attitude and charisma, always makes our sessions fun and enjoyable. Working out shouldn't feel forced or tedious, and with Mike- it doesn't! Every session is filled with the perfect balance of work and laughter. When Mike is training you, not only are you burning calories and toning muscles- but you're having fun while doing so! Every time I finish a work out with Mike, I feel much more accomplished than I would have felt if I worked out alone at the gym, or even if I'd taken an aerobics class at the gym. After just a 1 hour long session, I always leave feeling great, and can feel my muscles continue to work hours after our workout. On days when I have training sessions, I always feel more energized, lean, toned, and accomplished. I played sports my entire life up until college. I've always been active, but after not having been involved in sports for years and living in a busy college town, I wanted to get back into the shape and endurance I used to have before. Mike's skills in training brought me back to the workout level and endurance I wanted to achieve again. After just 15 sessions with Mike, as well as eating healthy with his suggestions, I lost over 10 lbs, quickly, toned my muscles, and brought myself back to the endurance and strength level I wanted to achieve, in order to continue working toward the level of fitness I wish to attain. Many trainers from local gyms have a busy blocked schedule of back to back sessions and are on a tight schedule, having to cut off hour-long sessions as soon as 59 minutes and 59 seconds have elapsed. While training with Mike, if our sessions need to last an extra 5 or 10 minutes until the workout rotations are fully done- they will. Even then, if the workout is a really good one and he feels I can keep going- he'll have me do one more round of sprinting, or walking lunges to top it off. He is only concerned with his clients receiving the most beneficial workout possible. Mike possesses extraordinary positivity and motivational skills. He'll help give you that extra push you need in order to complete your workout routine while you're working hard to achieve your goal. He's attentive, helpful, and his extra motivation helps you to push through your workouts when you might've considered giving up if you were trying to work out alone. Getting to witness just how much you can challenge your body every time you improve your strength and endurance is more than rewarding. After every session with Mike, you'll feel even more proud of yourself than you did after the previous session. Mike will never let you quit- and he won't quit helping you until you succeed at creating the healthier lifestyle you are able to live." - Mara M


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