Manager to Fit

Submitted by: Keith Kramer

Samantha's Success Story

Sam-26 years old
Profession: Manager
June 2009

"As a single mom, putting myself first is not something I do often. After letting the pounds pile on for more than a year, I finally decided that enough was enough. I had already gone up 2 pant sizes, I wouldn't let myself go up another! I finally decided to do something for me. To start working out, loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Within 1 week of that decision, Pierre became my personal trainer.
Since training with Pierre, not only did I loose 15 pounds in the first 2 months, but I have more energy than I have in a long time, and am seeing muscles that I haven't seen in forever.
Each session is different, working different muscles each time, with a variety of exercises, so that you never feel like working out is boring. Pierre keeps you motivated throughout the entire workout, cheering you on, and letting you know when you're doing great! It only takes one session to know that Pierre was meant to be a trainer.
There are many trainers who feel that when your hour is up, that's it til next time, but Pierre is has no problem making himself available even after the training session is over to answer questions regarding fitness and nutrition. He doesn't do this because he is required to, but because he truly loves what he does. He is willing to invest the time into each client because their success is important to him.
Before training with Pierre, working out was something I did on and off, but with his contagious enthusiasm for exercise and his desire to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle, fitness and good nutrition have become an important part of my life."


Samantha Before


Samantha After