Submitted by: Ria Zervos

's Success Story

I have known Ria Zervos since January 2004 at which point she was hired as the Group Fitness Manager for Club One at Fillmore Center in San Francisco, California. Her responsibilities included, but were not limited to member management, expense and payroll management, program development and implementation, facility maintenance management, budget development, and hiring and developing a staff of Group Fitness Instructors and Aquatic Group Fitness Instructors. She also played an active role as part of the Club One Fitness Management Team that assisted in the overall company development and implementation of systems, programs and continuing education.

Ria impressed me in many ways. She built a solid Group Fitness team through her patience and commitment to the hiring and development of only superior talent. She showed that she was committed to the success of the entire club team through her willingness to collaborate with and support other departments. She presented a consistent positive attitude and sense of teamwork that assisted in the cohesiveness of the club as a whole. Ria believed in changing people’s lives through fitness, which she demonstrated on a daily basis.

Ria is a skilled fitness professional who is passionate about the industry. It was a pleasure working with her.