Man – No Energy, No Interest, Poor Sleep, Headaches

Submitted by: Jeff Evenson

Jeff's Success Story

My Journey Led Me to Natural Pathways
There was a time in my life in which the “same old same old “just wasn’t working anymore. My health was at an all-time low. I had no energy, lost interest in most things; I was sleeping poorly and eating even worse.
It was at this point that I was introduced to Jeff and Laura at Natural Pathways.Now, I must admit that although I was aware that I needed a change to the basic health precepts of my life, I was somewhat reluctant to take the steps necessary to implement that change. But none the less there I was.
To my everlasting surprise I found that Jeff made good on all his commitments to my health even though I was skeptical and slow to make the changes to my diet that he recommended. Jeff proved to be an invaluable resource and with his patience and persistence, he has shown me the way to a better life.
Since coming to Natural Pathways in August of 2012 I have experienced:
Dramatically elevated energy levels and am now exercising regularly.
Sleeping soundly through the night and awakening refreshed.
Eating and enjoying a healthier diet.
Weight loss of 28 lbs., even though weight loss was not a primary goal.
I would also note that I no longer take pain relievers daily for headaches nor have the need for antacids on a daily basis. By introducing me to a personalized, effective regimen of natural supplements and guiding me through the discipline of abstinence regarding sugar and carbohydrates (Jeff still likes to remind me of how I once said: “I’ll never give up my bread!”) I have now created my “new normal” and I reap the rewards of it every day of my new life!
To all who will listen I say – “Go to Natural Pathways and Listen”