Making Progress with Parkinson's

Submitted by: Jennifer Trost

Mike's Success Story

Mike has been kind to share his experience so that others living with Parkinson's, or anyone considering seeking assistance with their exercise would be encouraged by his positive experience. This is what Mike has to say about our training:

"In January of 2013 I began working with Jennifer to help offset loss of strength and function due to Parkinson's. Since beginning, I have lost body fat, increased muscle mass, and improved my stamina for strength and walking. During our sessions we also work on coordination and balance.

Jennifer is thoughtful, complimentary, encouraging and enthusiastic. She explains each step of an exercise to me and then I follow her example. This helps one get the pattern down correctly.

I look forward to our sessions as Jennifer knows I'll try whatever she asks. Our class is a relaxing and enjoyable time for me!

Thanks for caring,

I give Mike credit for continuing his active lifestyle despite his disease. His diligence to keep moving is paying off! I am glad to get to be a part of his success.

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