Making me strong again . . .

Submitted by: Ken Gilbert

Fran's Success Story

My experience with Ken Gilbert started about two years ago when I was at a very low point in my life. My husband of forty five years died after a long and desperate fight with cancer. I was his primary care giver throughout and exercise at the gym helped sustain me. After he died I felt that I had to do something else, and I started taking classes. It was soon obvious that Pilates classes with Ken were making me strong again. I had neglected myself and so I was really amazed at my progress. I was afraid to fall, afraid of hurting myself and generally pretty weak. In a short time with his persuasion and expectations everything was improving, even my sore arthritic feet and hands. I gradually started feeling better. The other folks in the class kept telling me how great NIA was but I was reticent to try.

This year I made a New Years resolution to do it and it has been so rewarding. I was so numb emotionally for so long and Ken's classes have allowed me to feel joy again. NIA is a wonderful practice and Ken must be it's top teacher. He always senses what is going on with your body/ mind connection and pushes you to accomplishments you didn't think possible. I'm getting on track again and a good bit of the credit goes to Pilates and NIA classes with Ken. I hope to continue for a long time.
Thank you Ken.