Making It Over The O-Course Wall


Chris's Success Story

Chris was in his late 20's, 6'4", weighing in at 340. He wanted to be a Deputy Sheriff, but could not make it over the obstacle course wall, or even satisfactorily complete the course. He asked me if I could get him into fit condition pass the agility testing and get hired. I told him if he was willing to work very hard and follow my instructions completely, he could drop 100 pounds and improve his agility in 12-months. Chris said he was totally determined to achieve his goal.

I charted an intense 12-month training program broken down into four 3-month segments with specific goals for each segment. After just 9-months of training with me four days a week and two more on his own, Chris lost 120 pounds of body fat bulked up with lean body mass.

For the last 3-months I trained him for explosive strength to be able to jump over the O-Course wall. Up to that point I didn't let him go to the course, but then in the final month I told him to go try and clear the wall. Chris was worried about failing, but I told him he just might surprise himself. He contacted me a few days later after going to the course and he was ecstatic! When he ran up the wall he jumped half way up the wall and leaped over. He couldn't believe how easy it was; he was so happy.

Needless to say, Chris passed the agility test and was hired by the Sheriff's Department. He has never looked back and has maintained his fitness lifestyle.