Making a Comeback!

Submitted by: Vicente Alvarado

Dave Wilson's Success Story

I would like to thank Vicente, and let everyone know about him and the service he provides. My name is David Wilson, 4 years ago I severly injured my back. I could not walk for a month and walked like I was 90 years old for 11 more months. I was fragile ever since, both mentally and physically. I could not pick my children up to hug them or sit on the floor and play with them. I honestly felt like less a man and weak. It sucked!! I met Vicente at the Gracie Barra Academy, where our children train. He said he could help me get strong again without injuring my back. I was affraid of what could happen but went anyway. Its been 3 months or so and I have no back pain, I feel strong and I am no longer mentally weak about the injury. Most important, I can play with my children again and do physical tasks around our home again. Thanks Vicente. If you have ever had a life changing injury, you will understand my gratitude.