Make that goal weight!

Submitted by: Valerie Doudican

Joan's Success Story

Let's look at the results of my time at LVAC and you, Valerie.

When I started at LVAC and my training with you I weighed in at 216 pounds on my 5'5" frame, hadn't regularly exercised in over 15 years, was winded and out of shape with the simplest of amount of exertion, on blood pressure medication and thought I was too old (57 years) to get in shape. I was afraid to take an exercise class - embarrassed by my body and my lack of coordination. To top that off I had knee surgery which limited my mobility.

You were recommended to me as a positive, friendly, easy to work with trainer. I thought the most I could hope for working with a trainer was to be healthier. Well, you certainly have exceeded those expectations!

Now seven months later the only thing that is the same is that I'm still 57years old. I'm down over 50 pounds, off my blood pressure medication (my doctor is thrilled!), am in good shape, feel coordinated (most of the time!), regularly enjoy classes at LVAC, have a much better outlook on the future and feel that I can sustain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Your upbeat personality coupled with gentle persuasion and expertise at creating work outs specifically addressing my issues has worked wonders. I couldn't have even dreamed to be where I am today without your influence.

You should feel very proud of what you helped me accomplish!