Mac's Back Rehab

Submitted by: Stillman Rice

Mac's Success Story

Over 2 years after wrecking my back and numerous doctor visits, cortisone shots, and wearing braces, I was still spending the majority of my life in a recliner pulling my hair in pain. With surgery not being an option, and all the sciatica and intense muscle pain all the things that I truly love like, bass fishing, roaming the woods, even picking up the grandchildren was out the window. I couldn’t do anything and I was miserable. My bosses then sent me to see Stillman – (God Bless them) I was still skeptical but I was ready to try anything at that point. After just 6-8 workouts I could see a marked difference. It’s been a year and what a year Stillman can make! I still have to be careful but launch my boat, go fishing, and load my boat all alone and still enjoy the rest of the day , maybe even do a little work on the never ending “honey – do” list! I can’t explain what a mind and soul mending a walk in the woods alone means to me. Thanks to Stillman I have a large part of my life back.



Mac After