Machelle set my daughter on a path of self-awareness and maintenance

Submitted by: Machelle Lee

Allison's Success Story

My teenage daughter is a competitive soccer player. She is fast, strong, skilled, and smart at playing the game. She is easily one of the best players on the team. However, her body type and metabolism makes it easy for her to put on weight. In her sophomore year, she was at her heaviest.

She wanted to be more in control of her body, but didn't know how to begin. It wasn't easy to persuade her to work with a personal trainer. But once it was set up, she responded very well.

Invisible Gym's Machelle Lee is a soccer player herself and was able to tailor my daughter's work outs to her abilities: sprinting, ball work, stretching, strengthening. Machelle is also very sweet, personable, a good listener and communicator, and works well with young and old alike (she also gave my 70 year old mother some tips!)

With the six-week session, Machelle set my daughter on a path of self-awareness and maintenance. One year later, she has kept the weight off and has a healthy consciousness of the nutritional value and amount of the food she eats, in addition to keeping fit in the off season.