Low Back Pain/Tightness Vanished

Submitted by: Jon Lempke

Joe's Success Story

From the beginning I was a skeptic of this new stretching program Jon described to me. As a Mixed Martial Artist and a Certified Personal Trainer for over 8 years I have seen several new theories and techniques develop in the field of Exercise Science. Some of these theories and techniques seemed to serve a purpose and others were an absolute joke.
When Jon approached me with a theory and technique on a specialized stretching method he has mastered, I was more than tentative on scheduling an appointment, thinking it could be an adequate waste of time.
Although I was tentative I still made the appointment to see Jon for the following week. After arriving at Val Vista Lakes Club House the stretching soon began! Jon strapped me to his massage table and began moving my limbs in a way I never thought possible. This unique stretching was absolutely amazing; I've never experienced anything like it.
After the session my muscles felt 20% more limber, my hips didn't pop anymore and my High Kick in Martial Arts class was at least 6 inches higher that night.
The most impressive thing I noticed about this form of stretching was the instant benefits I felt on my lower back injury. My lower back has caused me problems over the years after a severe hockey injury that resulted with a broken tail bone and ruptured disk in my lower back. After working with Jon I can honestly say the pain and tightness in my lower back has completely vanished.
If you're a person trying to improve your mobility, sports performance or health I strongly recommend seeing Jon for this program. I swear there is nothing in the world like it.
Joe McCormick 11/15/10