Lost Pregnancy Weight!

Submitted by: Jennifer Applegate

Mica's Success Story

“Jennifer Applegate has been invaluable in helping me shed my baby weight. After the birth of my first child I started personal training with Jennifer. The one- on-one sessions were great! Jennifer was always prepared for our appointment and really focused on my goals. She customized a regimen that I could confidently do (mindful of injuries) and included great ideas for home while the baby slept.
Before I knew it I had shed the baby weight and soon after I found myself pregnant with my second child. After the lil guy was born, I knew who to call for help to get the baby weight off fast. This time around I enrolled in Jennifer's Boot Camp class.

The results have been amazing! I have lost 23 lbs since April. I feel strong, energized, and I am starting to see muscle definition I have not seen since my early college years. Jen keeps the workouts challenging and the variety she introduces each week keeps me engaged.

Besides being knowledgeable, Jen is a great motivator. She knows how to push you for that extra 15 seconds when you feel like you have nothing left. She sends out random text and emails of encouragement, and frequently checks in to see how meals and activity levels have been. Jen is truly committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and wants you to have fun while doing it!”