Lost over 50 pounds

Submitted by: Jennifer Applegate

Jennifer N's Success Story

“I have worked with trainer Jennifer Applegate for a year now. I started with personal training once a week with her and then shifted to one of her small group fitness classes twice a week. Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She is constantly reading and researching new fitness facts and incorporating new routines and exercises into our workouts so I never get bored. She pushes me to my limit so I always get the most out of every workout, but she always knows just how far I can go and never pushes me beyond what I am capable of. She is encouraging, kind, and fun to work with!

But perhaps the best thing that I can say about Jen is the fact that, since I began working with her, I have lost 50 pounds and have gotten back into shape. I feel strong and able to physically do the things I want to do: I can snowboard all day, every day, during vacation without feeling sore or having to end the day early, I've run a couple of obstacle course races that have been a blast and a great physical challenge, neither of which I could have done before I began work with Jen. She gently encourages me to eat in a more healthy way, she pushes me to get the most of my workouts, she consults with me on my workouts on the days I'm not meeting with her, and she stays in touch with me via texting and email when she learns something new about fitness or nutrition that might help me meet my goals.

Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me get my body back. I'm 44 years old and feel better than I did when I was 30. I highly recommend Jennifer as your personal fitness guru.