Lost over 11lb and 15.5 inches in her first month and 20lb in less than 3 months!

Submitted by: Violet Gheletca

Famo's Success Story

FITNESS VISION: I decided to hire a personal trainer because I wanted to learn how to exercise effectively and see results quickly.

TESTIMONIAL: I loved training with Violet because she is sensible and thoughtful. She knows exactly what is best for her clients and she is very

I trained with Violet twice a week and achieved results immediately. Violet is a great person to work with; she is very thoughtful and caring, she kept me motivated by always being there for me, by answering any questions that I had not only in regards to the training but she also gave me very good tips on being smart with my food choices when I dine out.

As a result of working with Violet I lost a total of 15.5 inches; mostly around my midsection and over 11 pounds in the first month! I reached my goal of losing 20 pounds in only 3 months, well before my set deadline.

I feel better about my health and I feel an increase in my energy level!


Famo Before


Famo After