Lost 80 lbs in One Year!

Candyce's Success Story

"What I love about having Barb as my trainer“

She cares“and her level of care is contagious and motivational.

She’s positive yet realistic“her aim is to understand what motivates me and use that to help me meet my own goals. I hear her voice in my head helping me believe that I can really do this.

She’s focused on me“sad to say sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on myself but Barb helps me do that because she is totally focused on me when we have our sessions. She never wonders off. That helps me to stay focused on me as well.

Losing weight/being healthy is a physical, emotional and mental game. She understands the dynamics of those 3 and works to keep me physically challenged, mentally engaged to what my body needs and emotionally hopeful and encouraged.

I’ve around 80 pounds total in a little over a year. I have more to go but I feel more confident that I can lose the weight and keep it off now than when I started. That’s largely due to Barb and her continuous support.

Investing in Barb as my trainer was an investment in myself. It continues to be worth it."