Lost 69 lbs.

Submitted by: David Boivin

CHRISTIAN's Success Story

I used to see those “before and after” commercials on television or in magazines“and like you“I laughed. Impossible I thought to myself. But deep down I always wished they were real. Those “doctored” pictures gave me hope. . I never thought growing up I would end up as a “before” picture. Especially not after being in the military for four years – and after that was over, so was my regimental lifestyle. After guns, tanks and battle-fields“I found a desk, spreadsheets and the S&P 500. I became a fat-cat on Wall Street – an adrenaline desk-jockey who sat sedentary for up to 15 hours per day. That was fine“until the crash of massive fiscal and physical proportions. You see I became a monstrous 238 pounds. I knew something had to change. So then I started with Michelle and began a 6 month weight-lifting program. After learning how to build muscle, it was time to learn how to burn fat with David. He put me on a kick-ass aerobic routine where I learned punches, kicks, blocks and stretches all in a Boot Camp style format that only Tore Up could offer. After shedding pound after pound I approached 190 lbs“and the thoughts of the LAPD entered my mind. It was then that David recommended that if I was serious about the LAPD, the goal had to be 170 lbs. I now weigh 169 lbs and have been accepted to the Police Academy! The trainers from Tore Up have changed my life“and my pant size.

I can’t thank those guys enough.