Lost 4.5lbs FAT for her wedding day in only 3 weeks!

Submitted by: Jason Glassbrook

Holly's Success Story

I don’t even know where to begin! I have had many trainers throughout my life, some good and some bad, so I can honestly say that Jason is absolutely the best.
Firstly, he really knows his stuff, so in addition to knowing a huge range of exercises (so you’re never bored), he also knows how to do them safely and with the maximum results. From day 1, you really feel like he knows what YOU personally need, and you know he isn’t just giving you a cookie cutter workout that he gives to everyone. He knows how hard to push you, but it’s also fun and you leave feeling motivated and encouraged!

I only had 3 weeks to work out before my wedding, and in those 21 days, doing what Jason told me, I lost 4.5 lbs of fat, my body fat percentage dropped 3%, and I gained 1/2 lb of muscle. My dress had to be taken in, and I looked better than I probably ever have. I’ve never had that kind of success with any trainer, so the results speak for themselves!