Lost 40 lbs!

Submitted by: David Boivin

Kathy's Success Story


I had previously worked out with Dave some years ago and then I lost my sights. I gained, gained, gained!!! Before I knew it I was trying to wear black baggy clothes and felt like the fat girl I always thought I would never let myself become. Always stayed active with sports in high school and college, then joined a few gyms after school to maintain, but then came marriage and good times were more important than my appearance. I just let go“

Until this last September I saw myself in a horrible way. It was the worst I’ve ever felt and looked, so disgusted I cried. I used to weigh 150lbs!!! My body fat percentage was off the chart!!! I was the heaviest weight I have ever been in my whole life, then I went back to the one trainer I knew could help me. David Boivin“the man who was made to whip people into the best shape of their lives! After taking David’s Nu Tae Kwon Wei class I am close to my goal weight, my body fat percentage is almost where it needs to be“and I feel AMAZING!!!! Thanks to the best trainer out there! David has given me another chance to look and feel my best ever. With great motivation, fun classes and challenging me all the way I know I’ll never lose sight again.

Thanks David!!!!



Kathy Before


Kathy After