Avid Exerciser Gained Knowledge and Lost 3.5" in 6 weeks

Submitted by: Dolly Seeburger

Deborah Stewart's Success Story

My dear Deborah was a little different from a lot of my clients because she is and always was an avid exerciser. She joins a lot of classes like cycling regularly. Her motivation to train with me was that she was going on a vacation.

Working out with Deborah I realized what a strong person she is. She is disciplined and very receptive. I had no problems giving her guidelines that she would follow and she also gives her 100% during our workouts together. That is why her results came quickly in a week or two. Losing 3.5" around the waist in 6 weeks is not an easy feat but she did it. Because of the closing down of our gym establishment she decided to branch out on her own but not before I made sure she knew what to do by herself so until today she works out on a regular basis!

What Deborah has to say:

Dolly is an excellent personal trainer. I worked with her 3x per wk for two months and was very impressed with my results. She is very thorough and designs a personal program which includes menu ideas for each individual client. She constantly changes the routine to ensure that you are challenging yourself, and working at a high intensity so that you get the desired results. Most importantly, Dolly is a great teacher because she makes sure that when you leave her, you have the knowledge and the tools to train independently on your own.