Lost 20 lbs.

Submitted by: David Boivin

ISABELLA's Success Story

Six Months ago,before I met David, I had 20lbs extra weight on me.

I wasn't completely unhappy with my body or anything, I suppose I just came to accept it.

These are my arms, they are not slim, Fine! that's who I am. This is my belly, on occasion I am asked when am I gonna have the baby, OK FINE! That is just FINE! That is not how I think anymore. I am capable of looking amazing and I have the RIGHT. It wasn't more than 3 weeks that my bestfriend, Audrey became curious on how all the fat was melting away. She couldn't believe how fast I was losing all the weight. She came to a free class and joined that day. Now all we do is eat right and tell each other how great we look. It won't be long until your bestfriend or significant other asks you how to get what you just got! Having a personal trainer is very important for motivation and focus. The support of having a personal trainer is essential for a true transformation in your physical appearance. Finally it is affordable and not only for the rich and famous. Nu Tae Kwon Wei and Nu Tae Bo Wei has taught me everything I need to know about having a healthy lifestyle. You will be trained on how to stretch properly, eat properly, weight lifting, boxing, yoga, breathing and your abs are gonna look AWSOME! David will take you to the next level to where your body has never looked so good. The most dedicated trainer is here to serve you, they have been truly a blessing.