Lost 15 pounds, achieved a healthier self and changed her life for the better!

Submitted by: Violet Gheletca

Sally's Success Story

FITNESS VISION: I wanted to lose weight for an upcoming wedding, to improve my sleep, eating habits and my health in general.

Violet really helped me to understand that there is actually so much more than just "diet" and "exercise" to keeping your body and mind healthy and happy. She explained to me how sleep and the hormones released during sleep can really affect your entire life without you thinking twice. It's not something you realize until you make the effort to change your regular or irregular patterns to something consistent in your life.

I achieved what I set out to achieve for the first time in my life with Violet's guidance. You have no idea the self satisfaction one gets from that, unless you've been through it yourself. I take my vitamins, fish oils, antioxidants etc., I sleep better, I eat better, I find time for the exercise my body needs. I learned the importance of building muscle and not the chunky muscles body builder's have. I've cut gluten, added sugars and yeast from my diet and I've never felt better. My skin glows, I've lost weight and I feel more confident. I even stand taller! I went to a wedding in the fall and had never gotten so many compliments. I even fit into my dress I didn't previously fit into before!

Thank you Violet for your encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and friendship. I feel like I can do ANYTHING because of the confidence you've empowered me with!


Sally After