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Submitted by: Stephen Landrum

Stephen Landrum's Success Story

This before wasn't me at my worst. This before was me 2005 after 4 years in the Army, teaching people how to not get out of shape and to live a healthier, more meaningful existence. Pre-Army was another good tale of what NOT to do to for good health! At around 188 lbs., following a medical discharge, I was well past my prime at only 27 years old. 9 months of inactivity had left me floppy, out of shape and back to old bad habits. But I used to help everyone else get in great shape... for 3 years! Determined, I underwent a calculated training regiment; combining medical knowledge and biological science, to transform myself into an athletic 155 lbs. in just 3 months; the best shape of my life. Now at 165 lbs. (I've learned a lot since then) I've used these exact methods to reproduce similar results, on various scales, for many people.


Stephen Landrum Before


Stephen Landrum After