Lost 11 lbs & 13 inches in first 6 weeks of training!

Submitted by: Lenae Litzinger

Jessica's Success Story

e-mail: "I'm soooo happy!! I immediatly sent your e-mail with my results to my husband. He is so proud of me. Thank you so so much for this opportunity."

Lee May - Lost a total of 20 lbs and was able to get off his blood pressure medications. �When I came to Lenae in June of 2007, I had begun to wonder whether I had lost the ability to lose weight. Six weeks and 17 pounds later, all doubts had been erased. I'll always be grateful to her for teaching me that weight loss and weight control are still easily attainable, even in one's 60's! Thank you Lenae, for providing me with a program of exercise and eating that can maintain me in a state of good health for the foreseeable future.�

Eric - Age 40 (On thyroid medications) - Lost 46 lbs and ran a marathon. He had previously tried every diet under the sun but nothing worked for him. He now walks 6 miles a day, lifts weights consistently, and has made eating 6 small meals per day a way of life. He�s ecstatic about his success and loves to share his story.