Losing 4% body fat!

Submitted by: Mandy Watson

Isael's Success Story

"Since returning from a military course, I had a desire to continue to stress physical fitness and health in my daily lifestyle. After having my initial evaluation, I met Mandy Watson who was assigned as my personal trainer. Since I had never done any real weight training I was somewhat skeptical and uncomfortable to say the least. Mandy assured me that I would improve my performance while becoming more comfortable with the weights and equipment. With Mandy’s help, I was able to establish two major goals with my fitness training. 1.) I wanted to decrease body fat percentage while building muscle mass, and 2.) Increase my general overall fitness. Mandy has been excellent in helping me accomplish the two. She has been an extraordinary trainer and fitness coach and a true professional who consistently pushes me to the limit during our sessions. Since joining, Mandy has helped me shred over 4% body fat and returned me to near basic training shape. With the help of Mandy, I feel stronger, faster, and leaner than I have been in years. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mandy Watson, in helping me accomplish my goals".-Isael M, Fayetteville, NC