"Lose Weight, Gain a New You"

Submitted by: Karen Fenneman

Tim 's Success Story

May I brag? I’m proud of my brother-in-law. After watching him struggle with his weight for the past twenty years, I now see a slimmed down, healthier Tim Fenneman who is an inspiration to his friends, family and strangers. On Dec. 5th, 2011, winded and struggling to carry 40 pound salt bags down his stairs, he decided he’d had enough and it was time to make a change. 94 pounds lighter and on track to reach his weight loss goal of 100 lbs. in a year, Tim is a changed man, a “poster child” for Weight Watchers.

Over the years, Tim had tried various diets but never made the necessary lifestyle changes to see success. While on a diet he would lose weight but once off the diet, the weight would return even faster. Tim knows now that this habit of “yo-yo” dieting only serves to slow down metabolism even further. A competitive race car driver, he watched younger, healthier drivers have an edge up on him. It finally hit him that day in December that he wasn’t getting any younger and it was time to do something about his weight for good. His wife, Nancy, had asked him to go to Weight Watchers with her in the past but he wasn’t ready to make that commitment. Once he made up his mind that he needed and wanted to do this for himself, there was no turning back.

Tim first weighed in at 328 pounds. He’s now 234 pounds - just 6 pounds shy of his goal weight for the year. I smile as I now hear him talk about portion control, choosing the right snacks such as fresh fruit instead of chips, drinking plenty of water rather than diet pop, always beginning his day with breakfast, eating a variety of foods and how it “has to be a lifestyle change”. These are the very same tips I give to my clients. He enjoys attending Weight Watcher meetings because they hold him accountable. Tim really “gets it” now and I couldn’t be happier for him.

He says he has more energy, sleeps better and is no longer out of breath or having chest pains. His knees aren’t hurting like before, he’s stopped snoring and has a brand new outlook on life. Nancy says Tim even enjoys shopping with her now. When they shop, she says they walk the whole mall and park further away to get in that extra bit of exercise. They make wiser and healthier choices as a team.

Tim already has a physically demanding job but now also wants to add strength training to his routine to further rev up his metabolism. His latest health physical for work showed a normal EKG and a nice low heart rate. I say “Keep it up Tim and move over Jennifer Hudson!”