Lose the Weight... And keep it off!!! AdvoCare!

Submitted by: Mitch Ryan

Sean Ellyson's Success Story

My buddy Sean is a Freshmen in college and he played football in high school. He has always been a big guy and very strong. But at 5'11" and 255lbs he had a little weight to lose. He became serious about it when he met a girl that he was trying to impress. His goal was to get down to 225. I told him he had to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. It is a bundle of nutrition products taken at optimal times over a 24 day period. Sean finished the 24 days and has lost 30 pounds. Unbelievable! He reached his goal in 24 days! He said he was doing so well that his new goal for the program was 205. He told me that he "absolutely loves the way he looks." While staying on product, 7 weeks later he reached his 50 pound weight loss goal. He lost 50 pounds in 10 weeks! His new goal is to weigh 195. He will have those abs ripping through his shirt in no time! Try the 24 Day Challenge.


Sean Ellyson Before


Sean Ellyson After